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Tabaxies are feline humanoids that made their first appearance in the 5th edition of dragons and dungeons, the popular fantasy role playing game. They are not only skilled in camouflage but have a curious and intelligent mind.

If you choose Tabaxi as your fantasy character your dexterity score increases in the game by one while your charisma score by two.

Are you a fan of dragons and dungeons too? Do you like Tabaxies? Then do not wait much just choose  them as your character and start your adventurous journey.

But wait! Don’t you think you will need an enigmatic name as well? That’s why we are here with our enthralling collection of Tabaxi names exclusively for you.

Dive in and explore unique and cool names for your Tabaxi character and more facts about them as well that may surprise you.

D&D Tabaxi Names

Tabaxies are one of the most interesting characters of dragons and dungeons. The lead reclusive lives, but their curiosity does not let them stick to one single place for a very long time. They hunt for knowledge, for stories. These genius humanoids will gladly search a chest box for you but unlike many other characters they will get for you enrapturing wonder facts about the world as bonus.

Don’t you think just a normal so called ‘cool’ name would be an injustice to them? Check out the list below. The captivating names here would suit them best.

Tabaxi Names
Tabaxi Names
Tranquil HarvestTwo LightningAngelic PieceBite Spell
Single ReflectionRadiant LocketShady DreamRadiant Beast
Crescent StringMisty GuideQuick FlowerAustere Twig
Lost RiverPrime RiddleSix BoardSubtle Scarf
Angelic EdgeHushed FlowerAncient SpellGolden Deer
Odd MoonFour-Leaf SpellAncient ThrillThree Bee
Silent WaveTwo ReflectionAutumn LaceSubtle String
Hot ChainsJolly RiddleHappy PathBold Robin
Free RiddleBold ChainClever BerrySingle Ink
Rare ShoreAmusing StoneFree HeartAncient Depths
Three BeeWild BerryMellow TwigGolden Stitch
Quick GuestLazy WindFlawless PageHearty String
Swift RiddleGrand NapBright CliffsDistant Rain
Misty LightningHidden NapMountain TreeRumbling River
Curious ChildGolden WindSnoring MountainSleeping Beauty
Smooth PeakClever MaskThe Abandoned Monsoon Clan The Adamant Caves Clan
High RiddleElegant Device The Adamant Lake Clan The Angelic Bogs Clan
Subtle CloverRare Shore The Arctic River Clan The Awoken Estuary Clan
Rinkling GuestElite Love The Basking Shower Clan The Bellowing Caves Clan
Emerald LaceBig Stone The Bleak Dune Clan The Bleak Oasis Clan

Tabaxi Names 5e

Tabaxies have names that are quite poetic in nature. Their names, unlike the names of other fantasy characters of dragons and dungeon, are descriptive and long. “Happy soul” or “sapphire fire” is a good example of Tabaxi names.

The list below contains many other enrapturing names for you to choose from.

 The Binding Fields Clan The Broken Crag ClanElegant BrushAutumn Path
 The Broken Storm Clan The Bustling Den ClanFree AnimalStout Snowflake
The Chilly Bluff Clan The Chilly Mesa ClanEmerald LoveEmerald Bottle
 The Cherished Lake Clan The Cherished Swamps ClanViolet DaggerViolet Noon
The Clear Torrent Clan The Colorful Grotto ClanFragrant PathSubtle Clover
 The Crawling Coast Clan The Distant Morass ClanSix BottleHot Ink
The Dreaming Bayou ClanThe Dreaming Grotto ClanCurious DustTwo Honey
The Dreary Slopes Clan The Dry Glades ClanGentle JewelViolet Peak
The Dual Peak Clan The Elder Coasts ClanEmerald BatSubtle Rock
The Elder Slopes ClanThe Enchanting Cliff ClanAncient BlockFine Frog
 The Enchanting Isles ClanThe Ethereal Sierra ClanAgile SnowHidden Path
The Everlasting Dune ClanThe Exotic Creeks ClanGold CloverHappy Path
The Faraway Copse ClanThe Faraway Mists ClanSix LightningVelvet Branch
The Flickering Cave ClanThe Fragile Swamps ClanTwo MirrorVelvet Path
The Fragrant Bayou ClanThe Free Crags ClanSubtle FishBizarre Quill
Busy Bee (Bee)Happy Flame (Flame)Emerald PeakStout Clock
Stroke of a Brush (Brush)Sweet Tale (Tale)Sapphire FireBright Clock
Luck of the Draw (Luck)Nimble Coil (Coil)Violet BrainSix Stitch
Tree in the Woods (Tree)Lazy Trick (Trick)Radiant DepthsPure Reflection
Cloud in the Sky (Sky)Humble Cable (Cable)Stout CloudSubtle Dust

Tabaxi Clan Names

Tabaxies generally have strong bond with their community. And the clan names are generally inspired by their location of habitation.

We have assembled some beguiling Tabaxi clan names below.

Tabaxi Names
Tabaxi Names
Opal FlowerLoose CandleHappy StringBeauty of blue
Hidden CardKind WindMellow AnimalSong of earth
True SnowMerry WindLight WingPure red
Spring ChildPrime DreamJade WishFragrant flower
Wild BoatQuirky StrawSubtle BerrySoft odour
Rare WishEager NapTranquil PathSuper power
Flickering TreeDangling TrailIce on the Lake          Rhythm of rain
Bronze Beauty           Sapphire Patch          Thunder in the MorningBright colours
Blank Canvas Free Lace        Kind Scale      Youth strength
Hen of the FlockKind Feather  Kind Deer       Vibrant red
Nimble Stream          cy RiddleEmerald Timber        Spring days
Patch in the ForestSnow of the MountainLeaf on the WaterPure heart
Radiant ChildEndless Time Cloaking Dagger        The Light Creek
Scratch on WoodFragrant Needle        Star in the Morning  The Whispering Mist
Ringing of Bells          Looping CoilMagic Rain     The Cleansing
Print of an Animal     Bold Lace       Clever FangCloud on the Mountaintop
Edge of the World     Loose String   Two Book       The Velvet Estuary    
Icy WingPeak of Mountains    Smooth Lightning      The Snoring
Fragrant Cart Brash ShadowDrop in a Pond          The Roaring   
Elegant Link   Lucky GardenThe Dry Bush Rainbow of horizon

Tabaxi Name Ideas

This list below contains another bunch of charming names for your fantasy character. Just roll your eyes to get the name that is appealing you the most.        

The Murmuring         The Grieving Fjords   The Twirling PeakThe Angelic Slopes    
The Binding RainforestThe InfiniteThe Barren CopseThe Entangling Den   
The GreatThe Hushed Dune     The Wailing   The Fertile Shore
The Animated Wild   The Dreary CavernsThe Twinkling Lake    Fragrance of Rose
The Awakening BarrenThe TrailingThe Gleaming ReservoirCloud 
The Prowling Cliff      The Musing Creek     The Changing Bush   Dynamic
The Boundless HailThe Stormy Wild       The Merging Bogs     Silk    
The Free Mists           The Covering OasisThe Free WildPaint   
The Boundless Bluff  The Exotic Cavern     The Dry TorrentLone   
The Grieving Wild     The Meager ThicketThe Awoken Morass Stripe 
Awisko           Abinoka         Busy BeeCadence of Water
AquiqeenAzxilaCall of the OwlCake of Chocolate
Awsuoa          AcilpopCheeky WindCrescent Moon
Bibija  Bredina          Curious AnimalCurious Silk
BhuliopBikinaDangling LaceDew on the Grass

How Do Tabaxi Names Works?

Tabaxi names are tribal in nature and they reflect the intimate connection of Tabaxi clan with nature.

Have a close look at the names of Tabaxi below; you will get to know more.

Tabaxi Names
Tabaxi Names
Brefina           BhiiaDrifting CloudDrop in a Cart
Caduoo          Cuviil  Dust of ChalkGundies Enrornsdottir
CuaidiCewalsl          Five TimberJade Shoe
Caoo  CafirpLeft-Handed HummingbirdSeven Thundercloud
DewksDmoaos         Skirt of SnakesSmoking Mirror
DwoaosDresuo           Active FlowerAgile Board
DnasoDidkoaAmused CandleAnswered Riddle
Fesdkk            Fuaio  Ancient BrushAura of Passion
FnaasFiiis     Austere FrogBeats of a Heart
Fmasu            FioosBird FeatherBold Time
Eusido            Euwdoo         Brave BatBrave Light
EroaoEuoo  Brave ThrillBurning Fire
ErrofpEywsppNap    Road   
GiodoGhaspDust   Big
GreaGmaoo           Tale    Branch

What Are Good Names For Tabaxi?

Here is a jumbo collection of good Tabaxi names that you will love. Explore the list to find out the most suitable name for your Tabaxi.

Blossoms in Summer (Blossom)Veil of a Mask (Veil)Sands of Time (Sand)Drifting Cloud (Cloud)
Rope in a Knot (Knot)Hot Flame (Flame)Shadow of a Star (Shadow)Garden of Flowers (Flower)
Leaf on the Water (Leaf)Lightning After Thunder (Lightning)Sparkle of Light (Sparkle)Autumn Harvest (Autumn)
Broken Chain (Chain)Candle in the Dark (Candle)Owl in the Morning (Owl)Ice in Summer (Ice)
Looping Coil (Coil)Plume in the Wind (Plume)Kite in the Wind (Kite)Beauty's Eye (Beauty)
Vibrant Thing (Vibrant)Cheeky Mirror (Mirror)Grand Tome (Tome)Tranquil Cake (Cake)
Grand Drop (Grand)Amused Dream (Amused)Kind Path (Kind)Shady Thrill (Thrill)
Humble Owl (Humble)Jade Stream (Stream)Bizarre Rain (Bizarre)Mystery Boat (Boat)
Lone Bubble (Bubble)Ancient Cable (Ancient)Prime Gate (Gate)Silent Plume (Plume)
Two Flower (Two)Velvet Trail (Velvet)Jade Clock (Clock)Amusing Shore (Shore)

Tabaxi Female

Tabxi names are unisexual in nature.but the female names are more poetic and charming while the male names reflects more toughness.

Here we have congregated female Tabaxi names for you Tabaxi girl.

Second Chance (Chance)Luck of the Draw (Luck)Little Flower (Little)Burning Desire (Desire)
Grass of Spring (Grass)Flickering Flame (Flame)Rhythm of Drums (Rhythm)End of Winter (Winter)
Flow of the River (Flow)Screech of Bats (Bat)Call of the Owl (Owl)Hen of the Flock (Hen)
Beats of a Heart (Beats)Mountain Boulder (Boulder)Cloud in the Sky (Sky)Stone in Water (Stone)
Lightning After Thunder (Lightning)Wing of an Angel (Angel)Open Gates (Gate)Bird Feather (Bird)
Nimble Chains (Nimble)Quiet Child (Quiet)Opal Tale (Opal)Radiant Quilt (Radiant)
Ancient Card (Ancient)Velvet Wave (Wave)Lost Fang (Fang)Mellow Storm (Mellow)
Agile Bush (Bush)Tranquil Trick (Trick)Bizarre Device (Device)Austere Carriage (Carriage)
Seven Canvas (Canvas)Humble Boat (Boat)Active Wing (Wing)Flawless Thrill (Flawless)
Icy Chalk (Icy)Prime Clock (Clock)Fresh Canvas (Canvas)Shady Wind (Shady)

Tabaxi Male

As we have already listed girls’ names, it is now time to take care of the boys. Hence follows the list with cool and smart Tabaxi male names especially for your boy Tabaxi.

Tabaxi Names
Tabaxi Names
Sailing Ship (Ship)Mirror's Reflection (Mirror)Shadows in the Wind (Shadow)Burning Fire (Fire)
Unpulled Cart (Cart)Spots of a Leopard (Spot)Flight of a Robin (Robin)Storm at Sea (Sea)
Bush in the Forest (Forest)Fall of Water (Water)Call to Action (Action)Second Chance (Chance)
Jewel of the Mountain (Jewel)Two River (River)Spots of a Leopard (Spot)Winter Breath (Winter)
Hawk Feather (Hawk)Serpent Scale (Scale)Locket on a Heart (Locket)Sky of a Sunset (Sky)
Lost Mark (Mark)Brave Feather (Brave)Odd Wonder (Wonder)Active Lock (Lock)
Flawless Thrill (Thrill)Fragile Patch (Patch)Angelic Mirror (Angelic)Bright Star (Bright)
Twin Tree (Tree)Silent Quilt (Quilt)Opal Board (Opal)Brash Peak (Brash)
Grand Book (Grand)Serene Bird (Serene)Lazy Thing (Thing)Fine Gift (Fine)
Radiant Lace (Radiant)Ancient Wing (Ancient)Hearty Chalk (Chalk)Odd Tale (Odd)

Tabaxi Rogue

Tabaxies make the best rogues ever. As we mentioned in the very beginning that your dexterity and charismatic score increases if you choose Tabaxi as your fantasy character and these are the qualities that you need the most to build a rogue. Moreover their racial traits like dark vision and sneakiness proves to be bonus points in this case.

Here we have assembled great Tabaxi rogues names that will suit your character the best. Catch a sight.

Flickering Fire (Fire)Summer Afternoon (Summer)Stone in Water (Stone)Four-Leaf Clover (Clover)
Drifting Cloud (Cloud)Spring Blossom (Spring)Print of a Boot (Boot)Fragrance of Spring (Spring)
Blossoms in Summer (Blossom)Scratch on Wood (Scratch)Crescent Moon (Moon)Blossoms in Summer (Blossom)
Ringing of Bells (Bell)Blank Canvas (Canvas)Beauty's Eye (Beauty)Steady Rock (Rock)
Drifting Snowflake (Snowflake)Unread Book (Book)Game of Chance (Game)Shadow of a Star (Shadow)
Three Stitch (Stitch)Eager Light (Light)Sweet Coil (Coil)Two Bear (Two)
Merry Shore (Shore)Amused Fish (Fish)Jolly Ink (Ink)Sapphire Love (Sapphire)
Silent Breath (Silent)Dynamic Stripe (Dynamic)Icy Patch (Icy)Bronze Wish (Wish)
Quick Page (Page)Elite Silk (Elite)Eager Chain (Chain)Wild Bird (Bird)
Prime Ink (Ink)Misty Hide (Hide)Fresh Tome (Fresh)Ethereal Scratch (Scratch)

Tabaxi Name Generator

Are you a creative person? Then brainstorming a name of your own for your fantasy character is your thing. But it is really hard to find enough time to invest to do such a job, as our hectic schedule does not allow us.

Hence some name generators may help you! Keeping this in concern we are listing down some name generating tools available online below.


Do you want to combine intelligence and skill in your character? Play a Tabaxi. They are enough to make your journey more thrilling.

The enigmatic name given by you would be a to their mysterious character more splendid and glorifying. Hope our collection has helped you a

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