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Do you know that over 100,000 Japanese-themed restaurants and Japan restaurant names are working outside of Japan? According to this survey, it's fair to conclude that Japanese cuisine is still widely appreciated worldwide.

Are you about to open a sushi restaurant or a Japanese cuisine restaurant? You must be in search of good Japanese restaurant names.

In Japan, there are several different types of restaurants. Restaurants selling soba noodles, ramen, and Yakisoba and tempura, udon, and sushi have also contributed to the cuisine's diversity. Sushi bars are among the most common forms of Japanese restaurants, with many of them run by Chinese immigrants. It's no wonder, then, that the sushi restaurant industry is worth more than $20 billion a year. 

If you're planning to open a Japanese restaurant, it's a good idea to come up with a catchy tag. But you can't only stop there; you must also remember and name the cuisine's authenticity.

A Japanese restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine, including rice, a range of side dishes, and fresh seasonal ingredients. A memorable business name will help you draw new customers while you're opening a Japanese restaurant.

Check the below list of Japanese restaurant names ideas.

JapaneseadoJapaneselyBakedJapanese Hole
WaveJapanese HerbedRelishJapaneseella
Japanese GalaWrapJapanesejetBusters
HotJapanese LordJapanese PartJapanesepad
JapanesedeckJapanese SmashJapanese TossJapanese Smoke
JapaneseluxAcclaimedJapanese MeJapanese Cut
BasketJapanese BabyJapanese LaneJapaneseomatic
Japanese BaronsSecretJapaneseverseJapanese Fix
SplitJapanesequeJapanese ChowJapanesewind
Japanese DivineJapanese LionJapanese SizzleJapanese Purist
JapaneseazaJapanese GrubHungryGalore
CaterJapanese FuryJapanese HideoutPiece

Sushi restaurants names

If you're opening a trendy sushi restaurant or providing an authentic Japanese dining experience, a great company name would make you stand out from the crowd. In an authentic sushi restaurant, serving cold rice dressed with vinegar, shaped into different forms, and garnished with raw seafood or vegetables would satisfy any sushi lover's dream.

Japan restaurant names
Japan restaurant names

Sushi is best known as a Japanese dish. Sushi comprises mainly of cold rice with vinegar and seafood, as well as fruit such as avocado. The majority of sushi restaurant names are inextricably related to Japanese food, Japanese history, or sushi. Nonetheless, they may be split into two groups: names of Japanese terms used in English, such as yakuza, ninja, and so on, and names with only English words, mainly sushi and the other words. Both are different, so let's dig a little further into each of them.

ctopus Sushi BenihanaJapanese SpicyStake
Eyaki SushiOnigiri Otoko Japanese CuisineHilltop
Sushi GenTokyo to YokosoJapanese WagonJapaneseopolis
Tosai SushiThe Bento HouseJapanese FieryDevine
Sushi YasakaKissa TantoJapanese DudeHole
Sushi Ginza OnoderaNaruto RamenJapanese FestiveFury
Sushi to SakeIchibanyaJapanese BakedJapanese Stake
Sushi wa DisukiHokka Hokka TeiJapanesesterJapanese Binge

If you're thinking of opening a Sushi restaurant, you should be conscious that there are numerous Sushi restaurants' styles. The most typical restaurants are those with conveyor belts. You will transport the sushi to your table and choose who you want to eat using a transporter belt. These often have free toys and gifts with a range of dishes, and some also have Ocha. Also, traditional restaurants and high-end hotels must adhere to a dress code. In many restaurants, the chef consults with the customers while preparing his sushi.

Check the list of funny sushi restaurant names.

Kazoku SushiShiki-SakonJapanese BroCuts
Kaya SushiShichigosanJapanese HotJapanese Feast
Kantaro SushiBrushstrokeFlavorRanch
Hikari SushiSushi RanCantinaJapanese Chow
Hama SushiRakuLocalJapanese Spices
Ebisu SushiMomo MisoJapanese StoryJapanese Crumb
Sushi o KudasaiSake & YakiSmackJapanese Havana
Dojo SushiArashi UdonJapanese SafetyAlluring
Asahi SushiKare Raisu KaféJapanese FixJuicy
Arashi SushiSoba Noodle HouseAcclaimedJapanese Dockside

Dragonkin Name Generator

Dragonkins are all beings that are similar to dragons but are not dragons themselves. They may also be dragons, but dragonkin usually applies to smaller dragons rather than full-grown dragons in such situations. Dragonkin names are mostly somewhat close to full-grown dragons, although this varies greatly depending on the dragonkin kind. The larger dragonkin's terms are sometimes more dragon-like, whereas the names of the smaller dragonkin are sometimes more light-sounding. However, titles differ significantly from dragonkin to dragonkin and from work of fiction to work of fiction.

Japanese PalateSplitJapanese CrumbJapanese Feed
Japanese FieryJapanese BakedSumoCuisine
Japanese BabyCuisineJapanese LocalJapanese Wish
Japanese BargeChefForageJapanese Cut
HilltopJapanese WaveJapanese GaloreJapanese Fuel
LoungeTraditionalJapanese BangBro
HungryStakeJapanese SpicyJapanese Tasty
Japanese WholeJapanese DevineJapanese DocksideJapanese Dine
StackJapanese RanchJapanese HavanaJapanese Fiery
LordJapanese ChoppedJapanese DicedJapanese Crispy
StreetJapanese MagmaSecretLion
Japanese YouCrispGrillJapanese Bash

How to create cool Japanese restaurant names?

Your restaurant's name is most often the first experience that potential customers would get of your establishment and company. Consumers would not assess you based on the quality of the kitchen appliances. However, they will be able to decide your identity. As a result, the restaurant's name must be memorable and appealing to you.

Japan restaurant names
Japan restaurant names

These pointers can assist you in finding a fitting name for your restaurant:

  • Your location will make an excellent restaurant name, mainly if it is near a well-known landmark or attraction. 
  • The greatest thing about puns is that they are simple to recall and attract future clients' interest. While some people dislike puns in company names, puns in restaurant names make for a clever and funny impression.
  • In today's world, several pubs, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops have distinctive names. They are often thought to be able to 
  • Draw a lot of visual interest by using distinctive letters for your names, which will help you popularize your restaurant.
  • Avoid using obnoxious, stereotypical, and derogatory terminology, and it will stifle your restaurant's expansion. 
  • Keep in mind your company's marketing policy while naming your restaurant.
  • Avoid a long name as the website's URL may appear unprofessional.
  • Take time to think about your ideas and wants from the restaurant
  • Write all the possible names ideas that came into your mind.
  • Always look for the trademark for the name you choose.
  • The use of repeated terms or rhymes in titles will help to make them more enjoyable.
  • Try to check for a shot name. They are straightforward and easy to recall and become more specific to the market. Furthermore, word-of-mouth can provide you with a large number of referrals. 
  • Flexibility and expansion ability are two traits of a firm company name. Narrow or specific titles will stifle your development and, as a result, cause you trouble in the future.
  • Decided on a name for your restaurant, you'll need to register a domain name. As with every company, an online presence is a must. And you can, as well. If you own a fast-food chain, you may be able to take orders online. You don't want to overlook any potential buyers. 

Here is the list of some cool Japanese restaurant names

Kobe Ishida HouseShogunJapanese GalaJapanese Cut
Gion Calf HouseSen no RikyuJapanese LuchaForage
Peteite CaresseSan San KudoJapanese FeedServed
Me TeppanyakiImas TeiFeastBarge
Ichi-ppanyakiSushi YasudaSumoPalace
Tasteful GrillBento & TreatFodderSmoke
Palace TeppanyakiThe Tempura TreatJapanese HotJapanese Spicy
Yokoso Grill HouseSushi NooriPuristJapanese Wrap
Hibachi flamesToshikoshi LoveJapanese HideoutJapanese Fine
Grill JapThe Udon WarriorsMidnightJapanese Hole

Japanese grill name

Grilling over an open flame is one of the oldest cooking methods known to humanity, and this is applicable in Japan and the rest of the planet. The Japanese home was traditionally built around a family hearth in the main room of the building, where people gathered and used the open fire for warmth and illumination and tasks including drying wet clothes and, of course, cooking. Wood-based charcoal was the most popular household fuel in Japan starting about 2,000 years ago, and it remained so until the 1950s. This charcoal grilling spawned a slew of dishes and cooking methods that are still common in Japan today.

Japan restaurant names
Japan restaurant names

Check the below list of Japanese grill name.

 Butterfly RollAngry BirdsJapanese PrestoJapanese Smash
Nori Beef RollSashimi Nori RollBayJapanese Reservation
Chicken Sashimi RollCrispy Prawn RollJapanese DudeJapanese Dip
Nori RollSashimi RollJapanese BaronsJapanese Secret
Tuna RollSalmon RollJapanese DicedJapanese Superior
Steak RollGeek the Beef rollTakeoutYou
Passion of RiceLobster RollDineFuel
Avocado and Tuna RollTempura rollStripBasket
Shrimp and avocado rollRoll in the HayJapanese UptownPiece
Rolls RoyceLasagna RollJapanese FreshJapanese Tasteful

Types of Japanese grill

Japan has developed a variety of grills for use in various circumstances and environments while grilling foods across the years. Binchotan charcoal is used for the best grilling results. During the Edo era, binchotan became famous. It's produced from white charcoal that's been extracted from the wood of the native Japanese ubame oak tree. Binchotan is more substantial than black charcoal and burns cleanly with little residue. It often cooks beef at a lower temperature than most forms of charcoal, rendering the outside of meat crispy without drying it out.

  • Hibachi

A hibachi is a portable heater with a jar constructed of porcelain or other fire-resistant materials. The term "hibachi" was co-opted to sell conventional tabletop barbecue grills overseas, even though traditional hibachi is mainly used for heating rooms rather than cooking. Consequently, outside of Japan, the word "hibachi" is often used to apply to any tiny Japanese barbecue grill or grilled Japanese cuisine in general. Hibachi is available in a rectangular format made of cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminium and the usual circular porcelain design.

  • Shichirin

A shichirin is a tiny portable charcoal grill or stove that uses binchotan charcoal as its fuel. Shichirin braziers are best used for cooking for 2 to 3 people and can only be used for a few hours at a time due to their limited scale. Traditional shichirin braziers were made of ceramics, but modern shichirin braziers may be made of several materials.

  • Konro

A konro is a typical Japanese grill style with a compact design, usually box-shaped, and ceramic or aluminium lining. It can be used to cook with binchotan charcoal, but gas-fueled barbecues have become increasingly common in recent years. Konro usually is narrow in a form such that skewered items can be put on top of the grill without dropping in.

  • Irori

A typical Japanese open hearth is known as an irori. Irori hearths were initially sunk into the dirt floor of dwellings, but after houses were constructed with elevated floors, the central hearth was built into the wooden floor. The wood from the burning charcoal is used as a shield; the irori hearth is packed with sand and ashes, food is cooked in this sandpit or kettle hanging from a hook over the irori hearth. Irori is hard to come by in modern Japanese households, but you may come across one in a typical restaurant or izakaya.

  • Teppan

A teppan is a type of open iron cooktop, which became popular in Japan following modern iron manufacturing. It's used to grill meat, seafood, and vegetables and make dishes like okonomiyaki, a savoury mixed pancake of springy dough combined with shredded cabbage, fried pork, and other ingredients.

Creative Sushi Roll Names

The majority of sushi restaurant names are associated with Japan, Japanese culture or food, or sushi itself, which is a successful thing to observe. Sushi restaurant titles can be exotic but approachable at the same time. This naming guide will help you come up with a name that is exotic and evocative of Japanese cuisine while being unthreatening to prospective customers.

Sushi Rolls are well-known and familiar in Japanese cuisine. The names are provided to the fillings and garnishes in the same way they are to the fillings. When you're calling a sushi roll, it's better whether you're creative or even humorous. It's essential to have the garnish.

Below is a list of sushi roll names that will undoubtedly assist you with your understanding.

KreozedBenjamin Steak KyotoJapanese SumoMagma
EgrexiKobe Beef Steak HouseJapanese SensationFury
PhagruYonekawagi Ohio GrillJapanese SavorFed
BusiriChicken-san fuyafuyaJapanese WaveJapanese Whole
RandolaCoastal TeppanyakiDivineJapanese Safety
HondriggBang TeppanyakiBoardGarnish
ElsheSpice GrilJapanese CaveBash
OkaishadGrill HeavenFlameMunchies
TirzringTappanyaki tabemasuTakeoutToss

Opening a Japanese restaurant is a challenging yet intuitive undertaking. Before opening a Japanese restaurant, consider various considerations, including names, location, and proximity to competitors, funding access, and demand for Japanese cuisine. If you check these and give an excellent Japanese restaurant name, then the loss will never come in your path, and also, you do not have to think about advertisement and branding.


It's not complicated to get creative and good Japanese restaurant names. Keeping in mind the kind of food it offers is the key to avoiding misunderstandings. Offering friendly and amusing as well as cool Japanese restaurant names may be just as beneficial and promising. I hope you have made a list of your choosable Japanese restaurant names ideas.

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